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About Duchess London


For almost half of the women, buying clothes is not an enjoyable experience. The problem, in many cases, has nothing to do with money.

A survey conducted in the UK has found that 44% of women feel uncomfortable trying on clothes in fitting rooms because it’s difficult to find something that both fits and flatters. They also believe that clothes stores target only young customers.

That’s exactly how I feel.

My name is Mariangela D’Addato and I am the Founder of Duchess London.

Duchess London is a Women’s Clothing Brand made for women who hate shopping but still care about good style and looking elegant.

I am not a fashion designer, I have never worked in the fashion industry, I don’t read fashion magazine, I don’t follow the London/Milan/…/ and all the other Fashion Weeks in this world. I generally don’t know what’s trendy and quite frankly I don’t care to find out, but I love clothes, and I know that they are one way of expressing our personalities. How we dress impacts on how we are perceived. Clothes can be empowering.

I have started my online company to challenge the mistaken belief that all women love shopping and want to buy trendy clothes.

I’ve assembled a talented group of designers and an experienced production team to create a line of beautiful classic dresses, made from the finest quality materials, and manufactured to the most exacting standards.

We cater to sophisticated, smart women who prefer classic styles over faddish trends.

Unlike other brands that churn out a new collection every six months, Duchess London does not respond to seasonal trends. You won’t feel the pressure to put aside or throw away a Duchess London dress because it's "so last season". We want our customers to think of a Duchess London dress as an investment.

We create simple, well-made, well-fitting dresses. We want our clothes to feel natural on our bodies. Clothes that are the proper size and the right style give us confidence, they make us walk stronger and taller. When we feel confident in our clothes we don’t feel self-conscious, we don’t waste our mental energy doubting about how we look or how people think we look.

Here at Duchess London we want to replicate the experience you’d have in a brick-and-mortar shop.

Would you prefer to shop online and try things on comfortably and privately at home, or do you prefer to touch a garment and see it up close before you buy? What if I can tell you that now you can have both at the same time through our ‘Try Before You Buy’ service?

We will send you a box with up to 3 dresses of your choice to try on in the comfort of your home. You can keep and pay only for the garments you like, then return the rest for free. Yes you read that correctly, your card will be charged only if you decide to buy any of the dresses.

The goal of the box is to give you the opportunity to experience the quality, the fit and the attention to detail that goes into every garment, since it is almost impossible to demonstrate this on a website.

If you buy our dresses, then we want you to love them and be sure. That’s where our ‘Try Before You Buy’ service comes in.

‘Style is eternal’, but so is peace and quiet. With Duchess London, you get plenty of both.