Evening Wear at the Office?

Constantly switching between our work life and social life can often be stressful. Though the majority of millennials think casual wear should be allowed in the workplace, sometimes this just isn’t plausible in your working environment. Even if you’re lucky enough and it is permitted, you often need different clothes for your work and social life, so it can be hard finding an outfit that suits the different settings.

This usually means either taking a second outfit into work, or rushing home between work and play. Both cases are inconvenient and far from ideal. You have more to think about in the morning and more to carry into work, or you’ll need to hurriedly dash home after work, which will add unnecessary extra costs and stress to your day. In some cases, nipping back home just simply isn’t possible.

Some work clothes for women, in particular, do not easily allow you to transition from your office wear to social, evening wear. Duchess London fully understands this problem and aims to provide outfits that help women to dress for both settings simultaneously. Here are a few tips and options that will help you towards dressing for both formal and social environments, remaining smart and stylish all the while.

Customising Around Minimalistic and Monochromatic

First things first: you need to keep your outfit simple and remember that less is more. Work is a place where you don’t want to be expressing too much variety of colour. Not only is it distracting and overwhelming, but vibrant clothes are harder to mix and match with other items and accessories than monochromatic clothes.

Wearing a minimalistic and monochromatic dress to work allows you to accessorise with ease, enabling you to look smart and elegant in any setting. An all black dress like the Hepburn Dress, for example, provides a quality canvas that you can customise to fit different environments. Accessories play a big part in dictating the level of formality or casualness of a dress, while minimalistic clothes allow you to alter your outfit to your workplace or social setting.


Choosing Reliable Cocktail Dresses

Having a few options in this category means you can vary what you wear, but if the dress is of a particularly high quality — and one that you are particularly infatuated with — it won’t matter how many times you wear it. It’s always good to have one dress that does both. A high-quality dress with a unique design will do all the talking; one that is simple but flattering.

Wearing a little black dress to work, for example, is never going to be criticised. Black attire is smart and shows intelligence, but you could wear it to a date or social gathering, accompanied by some casual jewellery with equal success.

That may mean splashing out on a quality, gorgeous smart dress, but when you’re looking for something to wear to cover both your working day and your evening date, you’ll be forever grateful. Cocktail dresses like the Bodycon Wrap Dress and the Royal Blue Peplum Dress have some unique, graceful features, but are ultimately both minimalistic and monochromatic.

Woman in a navy blue Bodycon Wrap Dress|bodycon dresses|duchess london


Adjustable Apparel: Work With, Play Without

Choose a dress that, on its own, can be worn to social situations, but is also smart and professional enough for work with some adjustments. A little black dress, for example, is perfect to head out in, but perhaps too revealing for work. Combine it with something like a smart blazer and you have the ideal work outfit. Then, when work is finished and you don’t need to be looking so formal, ditch the blazer and you’re good to go!

High Neck Sheath Dress|little black dress|duchess london

Here at Duchess London, our purpose is to provide dresses that are perfect for both work and play. Our gorgeous cocktail dresses can be worn as day or evening wear; useful, stylish options that you will cherish having in your wardrobe for years to come. From the stunning black Audrey Hepburn dress to the pink cocktail dress, we have something for you.

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