Find the Perfect Party Dress to See Out the Year

It’s that crazy time of the year again. The most hectic month of them all has arrived and your workload, family commitments and social life all multiply tenfold. It’s a month you need to be on top of everything and perfectly organised, but for women, it’s also the time of the year you need a versatile, high-quality evening dress to get you through all the annual festive events. Christmas work parties, New Year's Eve and many other social occasions mean you’ve got to be looking your best and enjoy yourself with full confidence and elegance, night after night.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve collected a few dresses that we think are an ideal purchase for this time of the year. Take a look, get inspired and see out 2016 in style.

The Fashionable Elite: The Cocktail Evening Dress


The Pink Sweetheart Cocktail Dress is the perfect versatile and swanky dress for all end-of-year events. As the name suggests, traditionally, it was a dress born in the era of the modern “Drinking Woman” and worn to cocktail events. Short dressy sheath dresses like this were flexible and functional, enabling women to wear them to both afternoon tea and as stylish evening wear to their private evening soirées. Christian Dior coined the term Cocktail Dress in the late 1940s, after it had established itself as the archetypal attire of the social, modern woman; the uniform for the progressive, fashionable elite.

For these reasons, the cocktail evening dress is the ultimate social dress. Be it a fancy formal occasion or a low-key reunion, the cocktail dress can do it all and has the history to prove it. It’s gentle, light pink shade is charming and endearing. The fitted bodice hugs your figure beautifully and the darted skirt gives you elegance and comfort around the waist.

The Pink Sweetheart Cocktail Dress is an outfit to which you will be eternally grateful. It will get you through the end-of-year events in style and be a faithful dress you can rely on for years and years to come.

If in Doubt, Emulate Audrey: The Hepburn Dress

When it comes to elegance, there are not many names that rival that of Audrey Hepburn. As a fashion icon, she is up there at the very top of the ladder and, well after her death, she is still a household name.

Today, much of fashion is over-the-top and excessive. New materials, shapes and designs are thrown into the mix year after year to try and find something new. The remarkable thing about Audrey Hepburn was that she cemented herself as one of the most stylish women in history with a simple, monochromatic and minimalistic approach to fashion. She would wear dresses with straightforward silhouettes that hugged her slim body; minimalistic outfits that, on occasion, would be accompanied by unique decorative accessories. Audrey’s choice to refrain from getting carried away or attempting to draw attention to herself and instead dress in simple, minimalistic elegance made her the fashion queen of effortless grace.


It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the Audrey Hepburn Dress is a dress adored around the world, including by us here at Duchess London. Evoking Audrey’s role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the contemporary cut elegant black evening dress comes with an astoundingly beautiful low-cut back detailing. This little black dress radiates elegance and sophistication. It can be dressed up or down depending on the type of event; the plain black canvas that it provides can be adorned with both your favourite jewellery and any festive items like a Christmas hat, all the while looking cool and stylish.

A high-quality little black dress is, for us, an absolute necessity for any woman’s wardrobe. Coming in both the short Audrey Hepburn dress and the traditional gown-like Audrey Hepburn Maxi Dress as seen in the movie, you can easily choose which is most fitting for your occasion.



Women in black cocktail dress

From Black to White: The V-Back Silk Dress

The V-Back Silk Dress does not have the same exciting history as the latter two choices, but it is a dress of equal prowess. In a fantastic white ivory colour, you are bound to make a statement.

The bateau front neckline and plunging V-back design provide a unique and flattering look that oozes class. The fabric elegantly folds down the back to create a revealing but classy appearance, as seen below. In 100% silk, the benefits of this dress are enormous. Silk is brilliant for insulation; breathable, incredibly durable and also hypoallergenic, meaning a dress like this will never irritate your skin. Most importantly, silk is one of the most comfortable fabrics of all and you’re guaranteed to feel content as it hangs lightly on your skin.


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