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As you may be aware, we have recently launched our My Fitting Room service. We are the first fashion brand in Europe to offer this service, so it makes sense to talk you through exactly what it is, why we’ve launched it, and how it can help you choose the perfect dress.

Find Your Perfect Cocktail Dresses at Duchess London

Here at Duchess London, we believe fashion and shopping are some of the pleasures of life. Clothes can be empowering and your outfit has an inevitable influence on your confidence and overall state of mind.

Shopping for the right clothes, however, can be extremely tiring and time-consuming. At Duchess London, our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. With our own personal experience of living in a big city like London where time is of the essence, we are proud to have created our innovative My Fitting Room. Here’s how it can dramatically change your fashion shopping experience for the better…

Inspirations: Why? How Did It Come To Be?

My Fitting Room is designed for people who lead a busy lifestyle, take pride in their appearance, and want to fit finding the right outfit into their schedule. It is important to dress for success in the workplace, but it is equally important to feel that you are dressed appropriately when you enjoy your social life. We cater towards those who struggle to find the time for everything, living in a big or small city with a hectic work and social life.

My Fitting Room allows you the time to find new outfits online that don’t come with a risk. Online shopping can be fun, but it’s often a gamble regarding size, fit, and quality. Why take that gamble when you don’t need to? You can have three dresses of your choice sent to you, so you can accurately judge them before buying.

It’s the calmness and comfort that you have at home which helps you make the best decision. You can make a purchase knowing you won’t have to drag yourself around town on a refunding errand after realising something wasn’t for you.

Periods like Christmas, when everybody is in a rush to purchase new outfits for the upcoming festive season, can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Be it presents, work party outfits, or that special thing to wear on New Year's Eve, what better way to avoid the crowds than this?

Whether your weekend is fully booked, you need something by Friday, or you simply don’t want to spend your free time marching from shop to shop, My Fitting Room is the answer!

What Is My Fitting Room and How Does it Work?

My Fitting Room offers you the opportunity to try before you buy. You have up to three dresses sent to you, so you are able to try them on in the comfort of your own home. Be it casual clothing or evening wear, My Fitting Room allows you to fit choosing a new dress into your hectic schedule, allowing you to spend as much time as you need assessing the quality and fit, before ultimately making a well-informed decision.

We will send your chosen dresses to your home via a courier, then you will have 24 hours to decide which dress, if any, is right for you. Once you decide on a dress (or more than one) to buy, we’ll move forward with the purchase. It’s that simple! Any dresses that you do not wish to keep are then simply returned. A courier will collect the dresses the next day and, apart from any items you wish to buy, you won’t be charged a penny for the entire process.

During the buying process, at the checkout, we’ll ask for your card details only to pre-authorise the amount of your order, there will be no charge until you are absolutely sure on a purchase. So if you’ve been sent our Cocktail Dress and an Audrey Hepburn Maxi Dress, you can try both on and then let us know which you’ve decided to go for and which you will have collected by emailing us at

If you decide to keep an item, we will charge you the amount of that dress. If you decide to send all the dresses back, no payment will be processed whatsoever. Even if you purchase a dress and change your mind shortly after, you still have the right to return your order within two weeks from the date of the payment. We want you to be absolutely sure about purchasing your dream dress, so this process makes it easy and reassuring for all involved.

Our items come with plastic tags in branded boxes to ensure the items go back and forth between us perfectly protected and unharmed. These must stay with the product, but otherwise, there is nothing more to it! Feel free to read the My Fitting Room terms and conditions for clarification.


Head over to Duchess London now and browse our wonderful selection of day and evening wear. We’ve got a collection of stunning dresses, from Audrey Hepburn dresses to Cocktail dresses, we’ll have something to suit you perfectly. Feel free to email us, or find more information on My Fitting Room at Duchess London.

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