Top 5 Female Style Icons of the 21st Century

Who are most influential and cutting edge fashionistas of the new century? Duchess London show you the top 5 evening dresses in the UK as worn by the style icons of our time.


Style Icons and Evening Dresses in the UK

We all have our own unique sense of style and fashion, but it doesn’t harm to occasionally refer to the experts when we’re looking for a bit of inspiration. There are some women out there who seem to do so much more than just wear evening dresses in the UK; they are artistically expressing their creativity and individuality through their clothes. All the stars listed below are amazing in their own right, yet each subtly different. Which one best aligns with your personal style?

1. Kate Middleton and her Peplum Dress

Ever since Kate Middleton got engaged to Prince William, she has been subject to media scrutiny — and yet incredibly, her fashion choices never seem to let us down. Every time she makes a public appearance, the headlines are abuzz with her most recent fashion choice, and she has become well known for her elegant, classic look. Her beautiful Alexander McQueen wedding gown prompted a new obsession with lace wedding dresses, and recently she invited attention with a stylish cream lace peplum dress.

Arguably the best thing about Kate’s attitude to fashion is her extraordinarily down-to-earth attitude towards clothing. She regularly rewards outfits and she has demonstrated her general appreciation and support of the high street, despite her no doubt considerable clothing budget. She always looks effortless and sophisticated, and we’re excited to keep up with her future fashion choices.

2. Jennifer Lawrence and her Confidence in Red

Jennifer Lawrence became one of Hollywood’s darlings at the tender age of 22 and whilst this might be a daunting prospect for many nothing seems too much for Jennifer. With both BAFTA and OSCAR nominations this year, the spotlight fell again on the highest-grossing acting heroine of all time and she did not fail to impress rocking up to the BAFTA’s in a stunning red dress, not the first time she’s braved such a number.

Whilst many that walk the red carpet go to all lengths to make statements with elaborate outfits Jennifer played it cool and yet again upstaged her counterparts. The striking red dress was both bold and elegant, it was subtle but empowering - reminding us of Jennifer’s position as one of today’s leading style icons.

3. Michelle Williams and her Canary Yellow Vera Wang

Michelle Williams, who has been described as the new Grace Kelly, has an individual and whimsical style that always manages to catch our eye. Whenever she’s on the red carpet, she takes the opportunity to demonstrate her unique fashion sense, and regularly finds herself on the best-dressed lists. Of course, you can’t mention Michelle Williams without discussing her epic canary yellow Vera Wang gown, which she wore to the 2006 Academy Awards.

4. Cate Blanchett and her Shimmering Esteban Cortazar Dress

Cate Blanchett is one of those stars that designers love to dress. She always comes dressed in the most incredible dresses and everything appears to look good on her. To top it all off, she never seems to take her style too seriously, which only makes her more approachable and relatable. Possibly the most beautiful dress she has ever work has to be the navy and white Esteban Cortazar cape dress.

5. Emma Watson and her Evolving Fashion

Emma Watson is famous for so many things, notably her leading role in the Harry Potter series and for her stance on gender equality. She is equally well-known for her unique sense of style. She was the youngest actress to ever appear on the cover of Teen Vogue, and she seems to be able to effortlessly meld the classic European-chic look with teen grunge.

Years ago, Emma bravely chopped off her hair to show off a bold pixie haircut and, ever since, the media has been paying attention. Her look ranges from the  dramatic to the fanciful. As an illustration, we can look to Emma’s Chanel Couture feather dress and her ruffled Oscar de la Renta gown.

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