Choosing The Right Wedding Guest Outfit

Choosing the right wedding guest dresses can often be a bit of a pain — especially for women, as there are just so many options to choose from!


You have to find a dress of appropriate extravagance, while not outdoing the bride and groom. That means often avoiding white dresses or outfits that are too bright and attention-grabbing. You also don’t want an overly excessive or flamboyant dress, but still want to enjoy dressing up for the special occasion.

Timeless Wedding Guest Dresses You Can Count On

All these factors can often make choosing an outfit stressful, but fear not! We’ve collected five timeless wedding guest dresses that can always be banked on…

Wedding Guest Dress 1: The Cocktail Dress

woman wearing one of our pink wedding guest dresses

The nature of the cocktail dress makes it an option that will always be both reliable and flattering in all formal occasions. It is an outfit that hugs the figure beautifully. It is neither flamboyant nor elaborate, but rather a chic, sober and elegant dress that flatters the wearer.

Given its controlled shape and fitted bodice, it is also a wedding guest dress that can be utilised in many different colours. Our favourite, however, are neutral, pastel colours. Due to the sleeveless, short nature of the dress, it is important to consider how your chosen colour will work with your skin tone. A structured light pink cocktail dress is always a safe bet and works well with a “no-makeup” makeup or with bright lips… the choice is yours.

Wedding Guest Dress 2: The Classical Audrey Hepburn Dress

women wearing black wedding guest dresses

There isn’t really a dress more synonymous with being “timeless” than an LBD. You simply can’t go wrong with the little black Hepburn dress in almost any setting. As it’s a favourite of both Audrey Hepburn and Kate Middleton, do we really need to say more? It is a dress that radiates both elegance and sophistication.

For a little bit of extra extravagance, however, the Hepburn maxi dress offers the same slender and sophisticated look, but makes more of a statement with its new take on the timeless gown. Black is the colour of mystery and sophistication. It is also a blank canvas if there is a particular colour theme set for your night. You can highlight specific accessories while the black takes a back seat and lets your golden heels and statement jewellery take the focus.

Wedding Guest Dress 3: The One Shoulder Silk Dress

women wearing one shoulder wedding guest dresses

The one shoulder silk dress is a particularly unique option. The draped effect gives the dress it’s own charm, while the combination of a sleeveless right side and a full length left side provides its own definition of elegance.

This dress is a real head-turner and one that is worn with confidence. A metallic colour like the blue seen above makes it an especially memorable piece and goes brilliantly with silver heels.

It is a wedding guest dress that is unique but not too flamboyant. You’ll be making a statement without drawing too much attention away from the bride.

Wedding Guest Dress 4: Burgundy Maxi Dress

If you really want to dress to impress another head-turner is the Burgundy Max Layer Silk Dress. It is a dress worthy of a Greek Goddess with its graceful shape, plunging neckline and layered skirts. The colour is simply stunning and whilst it is an authoritative colour that demands attention the sheer crop top bodice maintains a sophisticated look. It is also 100% silk so you’ll be comfortable whatever the weather and environment.

women wearing red silk sheath wedding guest dresses

Wedding Guest Dress 5: The Silk Sheath Dress

One of the most understated wedding guest dress options has to be the silk sheath dress. With a fine silk fitting and slit-cut long sleeves, you can’t find a better combination of comfort and class.

The v-neck bodice is light and cool while the skirt and wrapped waist hug the figure of the wearer and add flamboyance. It is another dress that can be worn to many different types of events and give off a feel of effortless elegance.

It is also a dress that can be worn in a variety of colours due to its sober, structured cut. So don’t be afraid to dress bright and summery if the wedding allows it! Coral, as seen below, is one of our favourites. It is bright and full of character, but still gives off that calm and collected sophisticated vibe without being too overpowering.

To find your perfect wedding guest dress visit Duchess London and have a look at some of the beautiful wedding guest outfits for women we have to offer. We have fashion, style and elegance in mind, and no matter what your preference, you will be able to find a dress to suit you!

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