What Colours to Wear to the Workplace

Dressing for work meetings, interviews or just general office hours can often be a chore, as the stress of getting your outfit right is the last thing you want in the morning. All of us question whether the work clothes for women that we wear are appropriate for the given circumstances, or if there is something about our outfit that can be criticised. Is it presentable enough? Is it too bright and characterful? Or is it too casual and careless?


The Problem With Work Clothes for Women

This problem usually comes down to a few basic factors, like cleanliness, style and choice of colour. The first two can be pretty straightforward, as long as you care for your clothes and head into work looking presentable, not wearing something you would wear to the gym or a fancy dress party.

The blurred line, however, often comes with which colours you use. People have different tastes and it can be boring after a while to dress in grey, standard work clothes for women. So are you allowed to spice it up a bit? And if so, how? We’re here help you choose the most appropriate colours to wear to the office.

What To Avoid in Women's Work Clothes

Clothing is the factor that has the biggest impact on people’s first impression of you. In the workplace, you want your work and determination to do the talking, not your eccentric dress sense.

One colour that is often best avoided is red. Now this doesn’t mean it should be avoided altogether; it is a beautiful colour, but you should seriously consider how you use it. A small amount of red can be a nice touch, but going overboard can be dangerous.

Red is a colour symbolic of passion and power, but it’s also normally the colour used as a warning sign. This is because of its authority as a colour; red dominates people's vision, leaping in front of the others, something that is not necessarily needed in the workplace. It is our brains and not our lively fashion sense that should be doing the talking, you want to stand out for your ability to do the job and not your bright appearance.

It is also a colour known to increase heart rate and blood pressure. In a stressful work environment, your work clothes should be understated and appealing, not inhibit relaxation and concentration. Lighter shades and oranges can be energising but a dark and powerful red is a colour best avoided in work clothes for women.

Baby pink, and other bright colours, is also unadvised, due to its connection with a lack of intelligence; but, if a toned down version of the colour is used carefully it can be worn effectively. The more neutral the better, pastel colours are always safer than more powerful shades. A coral coloured silk sheath dress, for example, or a soft blush coloured princess bodycon dress, are two rather beautiful exceptions.


The Safest Colour For Your Ideal Woman’s Working Outfit

Without a doubt, the safest colour in the workplace is black. It is a colour that people associate with intelligence and confidence. Black is far from overwhelming and lets you blend in as it is easy on the eye. While red can come across as domineering, black comes across as elegant and smart.

A little black dress or an Audrey Hepburn inspired dress are two excellent work outfits for women. They are flattering, timeless, look good next to any complexion and are never out of place.

Woman wearing black work clothes for women

Other Colours You Can Bank On For Your Workplace Outfit

The next best colour after black is blue. Blue is the colour of trust and honesty. It’s quiet and doesn’t like to draw attention.

There are plenty of different shades of course but, again, we advise the darker or more controlled versions. Don’t go overboard on your work outfit by wearing an elaborate coloured dress. Instead, invest in an understated but at the same time flattering royal blue Jersey Dress or Peplum Dress.

woman wearing blue work clothes for women

To find the perfect outfit that you can wear comfortably and confidently to the office visit Duchess London and have a look at our beautiful selection of work clothes for women. We have style, comfort and effortless elegance in mind. No matter your preferences, we have what you are after.

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