How to Dress for Success in the Workplace

Discover how to dress for confidence and career success with Duchess London's guide to work clothes for women.


Fashion might not be at the forefront of your mind while you’re at work; after all, it is your effort, enthusiasm and talent that matters most at the office. However, there is certainly something to be said about dressing for success during office hours. You might be the most efficient worker in the world, but if you don’t present yourself in an appropriate way, people will naturally draw certain assumptions about your confidence, your aspirations and your dedication to your role.

Dress for success in work clothes for women

Men arguably have it easy at the office, but it is harder to find work clothes for women that are both stylish and effortless. If you are looking for fashionable tips to make you appear the ultimate professional, while lending you an air of self-assurance, follow our advice below.

Balance Comfort and Style

While organising your work wardrobe, remember that it is necessary to balance fashion with comfort. You have to be at work for eight hours a day or more, which is a long time to spend in an outfit that makes you feel awkward or ill at ease. Your outfit should make you exude confidence and self-respect. This is impossible if you are constantly adjusting your top, rubbing your feet or self-consciously checking yourself in the mirror.

Despite what you may have heard, fashion and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Make sure your item fits like a glove, ensure you are happy with the material and don’t wear footwear that will cause you pain. Striking this balance will allow you to demonstrate how poised and certain you are with yourself and your work.

Be Bold and Stand Out with a Peplum Dress

Don’t allow yourself to blend into the background; use your work clothes to stand out and make an impression. Replace bland for bold and separate yourself from the crowd. This doesn’t have to come in the form of something drastic. It can be something as simple as a splash of colour or an eye-catching accessory.

Alternatively, you can use modern fashion trends to your advantage. Many professional women work current styles into their office wardrobe, with a notable example being peplum. This versatile style can be incorporated into a corporate environment, particularly in the form of a peplum dress. This can introduce an element of character and personality into a work outfit.

Accessorise Your Little Black Dress

Carefully consider the role of colour when you’re setting out your work wardrobe. Your choice of shade is undoubtedly important. Darker colours provide an air of strength, success and authority, which leaves a lasting and positive impression. In this respect, the classic little black dress is ideal. They can be accessorised to suit your personality, and they are versatile enough to be worn outside the office for an after-hours drink with your colleagues.

Never Forget the Importance of Footwear

Be careful with your choice of heel; this decision can make all the difference between an elegant, powerful outfit and an uncomfortable mess. If your heels are simply too high for you to walk in properly, the office isn’t the right place for them. You need to be able to walk confidently and assertively. Hobbling will not help your demeanor.

Accessorise — but Don’t Go Overboard!

Accessories can make or break an ensemble. Don’t overcrowd your outfit, but a carefully chosen statement piece is a great opportunity to personalise. This can be done with a necklace, a scarf or a pair of earrings. Make use of these items to make an impression.

Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

Clothes make a dynamic visual statement about who you are, what you think of yourself and, potentially, where you are heading. Your managers will inevitably look at you and make certain assumptions based on your outward appearance. Demonstrate that you are ambitious and determined to succeed.

With this in mind, don’t dress like your co-workers, but instead, dress for the job you want. In this respect, look to your higher-ups for inspiration. As long as you put as much effort into your work as you do into your clothes, then you can be sure that a well-deserved promotion is just around the corner.

To find the perfect outfit to make you shine at the office, visit Duchess London to see what work clothes for women we have to offer. We have fashion, style and elegance in mind, and no matter what your preference, you will be able to find a dress to suit you.

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